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AsiaWorks Training Feature
AsiaWorks Training Feature
AsiaWorks Training Feature
AsiaWorks Training Feature


The AsiaWorks Basic Training [AsiaWorks Basic Training Brochure]
Imagine a week where you can look deeply and honestly at the way you think, feel and act in the world – and learn how your behaviour creates the results you are achieving in your life.

The AsiaWorks Basic Training is an active and engaging experiential learning programme. In this supportive, yet challenging environment, you will experience what it means to be really honest, to take responsibility for your choices, to communicate effectively, to keep agreements and make decisions about how you want to live your life.

What do you want to create? Leadership abilities and more satisfaction at work? A renewed sense of direction? Greater satisfaction, acceptance and joy in relationships? This is the place to start.

The AsiaWorks Advanced Course [AsiaWorks Advanced Course Brochure]
Building on the self-discovery and awareness of the Basic Training, this powerful follow-on course is an interpersonal experience where you can be challenged to stretch beyond what you believe are your current limits and discover that you are capable of more than you imagined possible.

In the five days of the AsiaWorks Advanced Course you can experience the energy and vitality that comes with participating fully in your life, and come away with a sense of certainty and confidence that spills over into every area of your life.

The Basic Training is a pre-requisite.

The AsiaWorks Leadership Programme
Are you ready to commit to goals that matter to you? To define a new standard of excellence for yourself, alongside other accomplished people who do amazing things in their lives and communities?

In this 90-day programme, you will become an effective communicator, heighten your creativity, play on a team, live with passion and learn to champion the achievements of others – the essence of true leadership. It is a time to establish new, more productive habits and patterns of behaviour, based not on limitations but on a deep experience and appreciation of your true potential.

Leadership Programme groups meet formally once a week and over three weekends, which include outdoor challenge games and a final weekend retreat. It is a unique journey - an on-going process of discovery and breakthrough.

The Basic Training and Advanced Course are pre-requisites.


Click here to download the recording for Kelly Poulos 4 Crucial Leadership Distinctions.

The AsiaWorks Abundance & Prosperity Workshop [AsiaWorks Abundance and Prosperity Brochure]
Love, money and the time to enjoy it. That is the essence of Abundance & Prosperity. It's about taking the limits off the flow of love and friendship and money. Do you seek financial security, lasting love and ample time to enjoy all the things in life that bring you pleasure?

Invest one weekend and you can create timeless opportunities for your life - in this workshop you will learn the fundamental principles that generate the experience of abundance for all human brings. You will be guided in applying these principles to the areas of your life that are most important to you.

Register for this course ONLY if you are open to creating possibilities for wealth, lasting security and rich, satisfying relationships with the important people in your life.

Only graduates of the AsiaWorks Basic Training are eligible to attend this training.

The AsiaWorks Family Training [AsiaWorks Family Training Brochure]
In this lively weekend workshop, you and your family can explore together how you work and play, and how you can expand and enrich your relationships.

The Family Training is about having your family win - to become the best you can be and to forgive each other in the moments when you are not.

Do you want to communicate more openly and honestly? Be more spontaneous? Have more fun together? Be more supportive? The AsiaWorks Family Training is a great place to begin. School-age children, teens, their parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents are all welcome. We also offer a teens-only training.

The AsiaWorks Mastery Course [AsiaWorks Mastery Brochure]
The power of peak performance is within your grasp. The secret is to pursue mastery in those areas of your life in which you are already striving to perform your best – where you are "playing for keeps."

The AsiaWorks Mastery Course presents the pivotal steps to mastery – fundamental principles that you can apply in your relationships, family, career, health, finances and more.

Identify what guides you, and reap the rewards of love, fitness, happiness, abundance, full self-expression and spectacular results.

Mastery is one of AsiaWorks range of engaging and challenging training programmes for adults.

The Basic Training is the minimum pre-requisite; completion of the Core Curriculum is recommended.

The AsiaWorks Mastery Retreat
Join this powerful retreat for 2 days of practice and bringing to life the distinctions from Mastery and the AsiaWorks Curriculum. This residential weekend is open to all Mastery Graduates and will highlight the famous “Samurai Game”. Please note this excerpt from the official website of The Samurai Game:

“The Samurai Game is arguably the most unique, intense and challenging leadership and teambuilding simulation available for organizational and corporate trainings and retreats. Because it is “live and unscripted” no two samurai Games are alike. Each serves to significantly deepen individual and organizational awareness, leadership effectiveness and team cohesion. Every game presents a series of unpredictable and fascinating examples that can reflect: the pressures of business, organizational dynamics and politics, professional competition, family and individual daily life. “

For all of you interested to continue your path towards Mastery, no matter how far it has progressed, we invite you to attend these powerful two days. The Mastery Course is a pre-requisite.

The AsiaWorks Odyssey Programme
Odyssey is a journey of discovery and transformation, an opportunity to create a profound and lasting shift in your moment-to-moment experience of life – be creating an environment where you can develop and maintain a body, mind and spirit working in harmony.

Odyssey is built around daily practices which include readings chosen from the world's great philosophical, literary and spiritual writings, journal writing assignments and a regimen of exercises in relaxation, physical movement and meditation.

Small group meetings offer an opportunity to develop your skills as a powerful and effective coach for other people and yourself - learning to remain balanced and centred during life's inevitable ups and downs. Three weekend sessions provide experiential training and personal coaching by an experienced Odyssey trainer.

As the Zen tradition suggests, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. The opportunity is here. Are you ready?

The AsiaWorks Power of Intimacy Workshop [AsiaWorks Power of Intimacy Brochure]
As we advance in technology the distances between countries, families and people shorten, yet the distances from heart to heart lengthen.

Are we "separate" beings? Or are we "one"? In this thought-provoking weekend workshop, you will explore and discover your answer to these questions.

The Power of Intimacy is an opportunity to experience the freedom, the inspiration and the joy of honouring every person, and the planet we share, as a vital part of the whole. You will discover that this power can revolutionise what is possible in your relationship with your family, your work, your community, and our world.

It is an opportunity to experience, ultimately, the power of being human.

The AsiaWorks Basic Training is a pre-requisite course for this special workshop.

The AsiaWorks PowerKids Programme
We offer PowerKids, a programme of self discovery designed exclusively for children between 9 to 12 years of age.

The Power Series Workshops are about learning, having fun and developing good habits at an early age. Created by brain based learning experts and delivered by world-class professional trainers, the programme will give students the personal and academic skills to be successful. PowerKids uses a series of team challenges to explore the importance of working with others, listening, sharing resources and giving support. Students will learn the key steps to solving problems and how they can use their personal strengths to be successful in their school studies as well as build good relationships in their lives. There are 4 modules offered throughout the year – the topics covered are:

Power 1 Creativity and Learning Styles
Power 2 Teamwork and Problem Solving
Power 3 Communication and Relationships
Power 4 Commitment and Goal Setting

The AsiaWorks Teen Training
In one week during a school holiday, you can change your world.

The AsiaWorks Teen Training is a great place to figure out the big questions in life: who am I, where do I fit in, what do I want and how do I get it?

Do you want to learn how to communicate more openly and honestly? Create more meaningful friendships? Learn how to handle the stress of doing well in school, dealing with the expectations of your teachers and parents?

Check out the AsiaWorks Teen Training. Families with younger children should consider the PowerKids Programme.