AsiaWorks Graduate Survey Results

1. Background
These are the highlights of the results from the graduate survey that was carried out in online format during 2007. In order to receive the survey, the recipient had to have taken at least the Basic Training. The survey was sent to all names currently held on the AsiaWorks database across all cities.

Very inspiring, gives clear direction for my life.

One of the best investments that i have ever made!

It is about self-discovery and being guided and supported by people who care. We practice and try things within a safe environment and later in the real world. It is has been a discovery of opportunity and possibility - an astounding source of inspiration, bonding and friendship.

I think that it was the turning point in my life.

The journey has been an unforgettable and meaningful learning process. It has added much value to my life and helped me to see new perspectives. I have met many good friends in this journey.

I had the greatest experience going thru the courses in Asia Works. I never knew there was such a course about life.

A real eye opener for who I am and who I can be.

2. Who Returned the Survey?
The survey was returned by 1384 participants: 

768 were returned in English
404 in Traditional Chinese
156 in Bahasa Indonesia
51 in Simplified Chinese.

Of the people returning the survey:
79% of people had taken the Advanced Course
71% of people had taken LP.
80% of people had taken the Masters Course
48% of people had taken the Power Of Intimacy Workshop
21% of people had taken the Odyssey Program
17% of people had taken the Abundance & Prosperity Workshop
41% of people had staffed a training (57% of the LP graduates)
38% of people were aged 30 or below 
62% of people were aged over 30
79% of people were college graduates (27% with a second degree)
91% of people were currently employed in business (10% were business owners and 12% were self-employed)
23% of people had taken the Basic within the last 12 months
58% of people had taken the Basic 2-5 years ago
19% of people had taken the Basic more than 5 years ago

Very valuable in life and for life - it gets you really thinking about others & not just yourself. Should be mandatory for everyone!

It was the best thing I ever did! The experiences and friendships gained are for life.

AW training opened up my eyes and broaden my perspective on everything.

I have realised that life is much more than it seems to be. There is always an opportunity to explore and a choice that could be made.

The best experience ever in my life.

A life changing training.

Gave life to my life!

3. Why Do People Do the Trainings?
The most popular reasons for taking the trainings are as follows:

Basic Training:
Learn about myself 64%
Create new direction in my life 51%
Become more effective in life 48%
Improve relationships 44%

Advanced Course:
Continue my training experience 81%
Create new direction in my life 56%
Become more effective in life 55%
Improve relationships 40%

Continue my training experience 81%
To practice what I learned in BT/AC 75%
To create specific results in my life 74%
Become more effective in life 72%
Create new direction in life 63%
Contribute to my community 60%

It still remains a key personal development experience for me! Thank you!

Fantastic experience. An opportunity to understand how I hold myself back & unleash my true potential.

Its been an amazing journey from the get go. I've achieved so many things and created so many opportunities that I thought was not possible. The friendships that were built along the way, the hearts that I have managed to touch and the people that i was able to work with were just some of the amazing things that makes me want to cry each time I hear of someone or something about Asiaworks...its really and truly amazing!!!

It's been a enriching experience, it has impacted me a lot more than I thought it would ever would and the journey of growth continues.

I find myself more effective in handling situations and people. I find myself always looking at results, changing methodology in handling situations to have the results i want.

This is a great basic training. It changed my life and my attitude I am willing to take more risks in my life and to let myself have more of everything in my life.

It's really great and changed my life.

4. What Value do People Create in the trainings?
People scoring the trainings as good/excellent in the following areas:

Basic Training
Self-esteem 89%
Relationships 86%
New sense of direction 85%
Preparing for new challenges 85%
Dealing with change/difficult situations 82%

Advanced Course
Self-esteem 92%
Relationships 90%
New sense of direction 90%
Preparing for new challenges 91% 

Dealing with change/difficult situations 90%

Self-esteem 93%
Relationships 92%
New sense of direction 91%
Preparing for new challenges 93%
Dealing with change/difficult situations 90%
Contributing to community 92%

This has been a great journey in my life. It was short but it gave me more value than iI ever thought I would receive.

The most unforgettable, life-changing experience - intense, disciplined, joyful,
fun, intimate, challenging and educational. Keep up the fantastic work.

It's been a great and pleasant experience for me since I have attended a lot of trainings but nothing is like AW, where i can learn and open up not just for myself but also for others around me.

One of the best training I have ever had. Really changed my life.

Only one word "Wonderful"!!!

Your trainings provided me with a whole new prespective on life.

5. The Value of Staffing 88% of people who had staffed claimed that their staffing experience was either good (35%) or excellent (53%)

Asiaworks redirected my attention to my mental, emotional and spiritual abilities and motivated me to direct these abilities towards meaningful activities and results for all people - others and me.

A significant turning point in my life that moulded me into who I am today.

It was a tremendous learning experience, like nothing I have ever experienced before or since. It was a real eye-opener allowing me to shift my locus of control from external to internal. My relationship with my spouse and sons has improved, and I am also better equipped to deal with family situations as compared to before attending the workshop.

Now I find joy in anything, have very good job, and much more responsible in my own life.

This is the best training that i ever taken in my life.

Excellent. Even when I had already graduated, there is always something that I learned when engaging in my life. I even had several breakthroughs AFTER iI graduated. The value I learned is so great, that I cant thank you enough.

It impacted my life greatly and those experiences in the training still stay until today.