What I learned is to be 100% responsible for my results, instead of seeing myself as a victim of circumstances. I also learned the importance of going 100%. By going 100%, not only did I get better results in my life but I enjoyed myself even more! These 2 key learnings allowed me to really take a look at my life again.

“Making a Difference” is also a very important value to have, not just for myself but also for my company which now has a new vision “We deliver Happiness”. For us, this means that our purpose is not just to make money for the shareholders or just to take care of the customers and employees, rather it is also important for us to take a look at our community. The focus is how can we make a positive difference to others. At the end I believe it will be win-win.

Cheang Ping Keat, Group CEO Khind Holdings Berhad, LP77 | Malaysia

My biggest learning from the Basic training was that I have choices and options in life, Since my Basic Training two years ago. I have begun to trust my options and my decisions in life, I am able to enjoy the process of my decision making, every minute of it, and I also began to see myself aiming for bigger goals in life - things that I never thought I would be able to achieve before. I see myself still learning and growing and achieving all my dreams and vision in life. (I also want) to see a better, peaceful and harmonious Indonesia, starting with me.

I did my Basic and all the courses when I was 39 years old. I wish I could have met the younger me and reasoned with him to take the course earlier!

Raoul Rehatta, Teacher and Counselor, LP98 | Jakarta

My biggest learning is that I have a choice. Now everything seems possible. Now I believe in myself, I aim high, achieve the goal then I aim higher. One of my biggest achievements is sending my two daughters to university in the US. I never thought that I could afford it as a single mum.

In the next 5 years I see myself very happy and working/developing people. I also intend to find the man of my dreams. I see myself always focused on what people are good at and growing their talent. My vision is to see women and teenagers know that they have a choice. Life is so exciting and by living by the law of abundance and attraction we can all aim big and achieve big.
This quote was passed to me - and I have lived by it ever since. "Aim for the moon - if you fail - you fall amongst stars".

Karen Tan is a dynamic task master and compassionate single mother all rolled into one person. She did the Basic Training in 2001 and continues to challenge herself (and others) in all areas of life.

Karen Tan , LP12, Head of Treasury, ABN AMRO Private Banking | Singapore

Never did I expect to walk into a course and learn so much about myself and others and to discover again and again, how much more I am actually capable of doing in my life and through my life.

I feel like I have discovered the KEY to unlocking all that I am and all that I can be...and I am still growing and seeing new things and discovering new facets of life.

I say to anyone who is considering the AsiaWorks training – do it. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain. You don't need to know everything about the course and evaluate it before taking the decision. Part of the learning is to take that leap.

Ang Hwee Suan, Business Owner | Singapore

I had certain goals I wanted to achieve and through AsiaWorks, I have experienced confidence, believing in myself and most importantly, trust, not in others, but in myself. I have taken what I have learned and practiced it.

Yes, I still make mistakes along the way, but I pick myself up and move on. AsiaWorks didn't 'change' me, but it certainly gave me a whole new meaning to my motto in life – 'carpe diem' which means seize the day!

Becoming Miss Malaysia Universe was one of my goals, and I did it!

More importantly, my relationship with my parents developed to a greater level... they decided to see what AsiaWorks was about for themselves. I'm proud to say they graduated from the AsiaWorks Basic Training with flying colours!

Elaine Daly, Actress, TV Host, Miss Malaysia Universe 2003/2004 | Malaysia

While participating in the AsiaWorks trainings, I decided it was important to bring the AsiaWorks philosophies and practices to my place of work.

Now most of our senior management team has gone through AsiaWorks trainings. The biggest gain was the bonding that occurred between us – it is a bond of not only being friends on a professional level, but a bond of trust, care and respect for each other. Our team is able to move forward effectively with integrity and power, and we began to embrace change. We welcome risk and we challenge each other to go beyond our limitations.

With what we have learned from AsiaWorks trainings we have created an environment to help us move our team from a work group to a learning organisation. It is my hope and dream to see this transformation spread to other associate companies in our group.

Wan Sofia, General Manger, Human Resource And Administration Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd. | Malaysia

I did the trainings as I wanted more in my life and knowing that the training could possibly take me to the next level of my life. I learnt so much about myself, I pushed and stretched myself so that I could achieve more. Just by being aware and opened to new possibilities, many things took place for me. I graduated three years ago and till today, I still practiced what I have learnt through the AsiaWorks programmes. When I was 16 years, I used to think that the phrase "dreams do come true" was only a concept then. After the trainings, I've taken steps and am in film production and hosted with MTV which was a dream that became a reality. I'm now working towards even more, of setting up my own business in a few years from now.

Sazzy Falak, Actor, T.V. Anchor and Presenter | Malaysia

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